Bank or Broker?

Clients sometimes ask us why they shouldn't just go direct to a bank. Our answer is that mortgage brokers can do a lot more than process a transaction - we provide advice, financial guidance and valuable assistance with negotiating your way through the mortgage process. We also take the time to listen to your needs and understand your future financial goals.

The recent introduction of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act has strengthened the broker's role as an advisor. Under the Act it is a legal requirement to consider the client's financial position and undertake a detailed analysis of which products best suit the individual needs of the client.

Brokers as an industry are shifting increasingly towards an advice-based service. This means that instead of simply offering a selection of home loans from which you can pick, we are offering advice about the different products so that your decision will be an informed one. There are so many products and loan features to choose from that it helps to have an expert on your side to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each product.

Using a mortgage broker can even make the difference between having your finance declined or approved. This is because we know so much about the lenders' different products, loan criteria, borrowing calculators and application systems that we can steer you towards a lender that best suits your situation.

Part of our service is to make sure we are in contact with you on a regular basis, keeping you informed and saving you the time and frustration of chasing up the progress of your loan application. Down the track you may have a query about a change in your home loan or banking statement, and you can be certain we are here and happy to take your call.

Our role is to understand what is important to you, as our client, and then do everything we can to ensure we not only meet your needs, wants and values, but exceed them. It's a step above what you could expect if you go direct to a bank!

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