Broker Benefits

Good advice is critical when selecting a home loan, according to a recent survey of Australian home-owners.

The survey, conducted by CPA Australia, has found that 94 percent of respondents agree getting good advice is the key to securing a successful home loan arrangement.

Choosing a home loan can be a daunting task and the survey showed that people turn to brokers when they are having difficulty sourcing a mortgage.

As your broker, we are here to help demystify the process of selecting a loan, as well as save you the time and effort of wading through the fine print of so many lenders. A recent survey by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia actually shows that the main reason people choose a broker (75.1% of respondents) is that they do all the leg work for you.

Survey respondents also chose brokers because they have a wide loan range (72%) and will help you get the right loan for your circumstance (63.7%). Brokers are cited as experts in their field (71.1%), and as such know the mortgage market inside and out.

It's true that we are able to provide you with expert advice regarding the options available to you. Our access to different loan products gives us the ability to source loans that most closely match your personal financial situation.

We can also provide the added advantage of a speedy application. Our close relationship with lenders enables us to get an answer faster, in most cases, than if you submitted the application yourself.

The personalised relationship that is built between broker and home buyer is another benefit of using our services. We are your single point of contact, so there's no waiting around at the bank or dealing with different staff every time you have an inquiry.

We are passionate about helping you through the complex lending maze to make the right financial choices. As your mortgage broker, we are here to meet your needs, both now and in the future.

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