Buyers Wish List

Multiple bathrooms are rated as number one on a wish list of features that buyers look for in a new home.

The results of a national pool of 114 real estate agents have uncovered some surprising research about what buyers want. The survey, commissioned by Turf Australia, found that 42 per cent seek more than one bathroom and 41 per cent desire a quiet street. A decent sized backyard was the next most sought out by 34% of buyers, followed by being close to a bus route or shops (20%) and off-street parking (13%).

It seems that it is not any old backyard that buyers want, but one with grass - the survey found that nationally a lawn could add 18 per cent, or just over $75,000 in value on the average $420,000 home. Three quarters of real estate agents said buyers want a safe playing area for their kids while a third believe a lawn adds to the look and feel of a home.
A lawn was shown to add the most value in Victoria (19%), followed by NSW (16%), Queensland and South Australia (12%) and WA (9%).

As a seller, the key message is that it pays to put some time into making sure your backyard - particularly the lawn - is in tip top condition!

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