Does a swimming pool increase a property's value?

'Pool' is the number one most searched for feature by browsers of Australian property website It also appears twice in the top ten ('pool', 'swimming pool') along with 'waterfront', 'living + areas', 'granny flat', 'bedrooms', 'views', 'investment', 'duplex' and 'shed'.

While some say that owning a swimming pool may affect a property's sales potential by ruling out some groups of buyers, it seems Australians are still attracted to the delights of a backyard pool.

In deciding if a pool really does add value; experts advise it's important to consider design features and quality of construction. Many pools are now almost an extension of the house, making them part of the entertainment area and visible from living rooms for easier supervision of kids. A well-designed pool should not overwhelm the garden, but instead fit with the landscape and still allow room for outdoor entertainment and a grassy play area.

It's likely that as water becomes more precious, the future costs of owning and filling a pool will be greater. Add to this the costs of a pool cover, cleaner, lighting, heating and maintenance products including chemicals.

For some home owners these outlays are worth it for the lifestyle benefits a pool in the backyard brings. As the weather continues to warm, so too will the interest in owning a pool.

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