Living Green

Lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by making some green improvements around your home.

How much or how little you do is up to you but every improvement benefits your family, your hip pocket and the environment.

Here's how to make a start:

Be energy efficient with appliances

Appliances can account for up to 30 per cent of your home energy use and can have a big impact on your electricity bill. Washing your clothes in hot water instead of cold, for example, can increase the cost of washing by up to four times. Using a tumble dryer and operating a washing machine on half load are other common energy wasters.

When replacing an existing appliance, take note of its Energy Rating Label. The running cost of the appliance will impact on your energy bill for years to come - that old beer fridge in the garage could be costing you hundreds each year.

Turn off standby

The standby mode that allows computers and home entertainment devices to turn on quickly is a common hidden cost of electricity because it can chew a lot of energy even when the appliance isn't turned on. You could save up to 10 per cent of your energy bill by turning appliances off at the wall.

Plug air leaks

Make sure your home's doors and windows don't have air leaks around them. Even if your home is well-insulated, heated or cooled air can leak in and out through gaps and cracks. Cutting down on draughts can save up to 25 per cent of your heating and cooling bills.

Be smart with lighting

Get into the habit of switching off lights when you leave a room and use only as much light as you need. Motion sensors and intelligent lighting systems are a great way to automatically program lights to switch on and off as needed.

Motivated to make a start towards a greener home? Check out for ideas and inspiration to keep you going.

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