Technology Trends 2012

Just as the fax machine has been relegated to dinosaur status, so too will email be considered old hat. Analysts predict that 2012 will see technologies become more social, more connected and increasingly voice controlled.

Embracing the rapid movement in technology is not always easy but investing the time and effort to take on a new technology almost always pays dividends. Let's look at what's in store for us over the coming year.

Voice Command

The success of Siri (a speech-recognition 'personal assistant' that's built into all Apple iPhone 4S smartphones) will prompt this type of technology to be used in other handsets, computer tablets (mobile computers), PCs and on websites.

Email on the Out

The popularity of social networks and messaging products marks the decline in email usage. Downloading services that allow the sharing of links has also proved quicker and more smart-phone-friendly than email.

App on the Up

App stores will grow in the number of available options as more companies come forward to help free us from content overload.

Windows 8 - Touch

Windows 8 Touch will bring 'touch' into the mainstream PC market, narrowing the gap between notebooks and tablets. Users of Windows 8 devices will be able to tap and swipe their way to touch-based applications via big, touchable panels.

Social media

Social media will continue to grow and insert itself into even more aspects of daily life, particularly those that are geared to photo and video based interaction. Social networks will add more features and get even more competitive, with Google+ trying to dominate the market.

Mobile capabilities

There will be an increase in mobile phone capabilities in every aspect and a growing number of internet users will demand access to content through mobile devices. Phone hardware and software will become more sophisticated and phone video will continue to improve in quality.

Getting Thinner

Our TVS, PCs and tablets are thin - so too will our laptops become as thin as manufacturers can allow. The emphasis will be on laptops that look great, run quietly, and are easier to carry.

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