Think like the Rich

For two months you have worked hard at paying off your debt. You stuck with your budget - each week putting the extra savings onto your debt repayment. Then one day you are at the shops and see something you really want - new shoes, the latest iPhone, a dress for your daughter - and your determination to pay off your debt goes out the window.

You decide to splurge just this once but over the coming months you find there are too many other things you can't resist spending money on. It's not long before you are even deeper in debt and once again looking for a way out.

After much soul-searching you realise that unless you change the way you think about money you will never get ahead of the debt cycle let alone start building your wealth.

Becoming wealthy is not just about how much money you start with, it is about the right mental attitude. Thinking long term, taking responsibility for your circumstances and having a positive outlook are just some of the mind strategies to master in order to achieve financial success.

Think long term

Be willing to put off gratification now in order to have more in the future - short term pain for long term gain. If you spend your money now, you can't spend it later.

Take responsibility for your circumstance

Don't try and justify your situation or worst still, blame others. Create your own circumstances by choosing actions that support your goals - when you choose the behaviour you choose the circumstances.

Wear a positive attitude

Instead of thinking that you can't, it's too hard; tell yourself that if others can do it, so can you.

Make it happen

Have a plan for the future, make things happen rather than let things happen. Know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Persist until you succeed

Don't quit at the first sign of defeat, keep trying until you get it right. People more often make money through hard work and persistence than luck.

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