Tips for selling your home

Your home is going on the market and you want to ensure it sells for the best possible price. How do you go about it?

The obvious answer is to make sure it looks good, but this is not the only selling strategy that counts. Take a look at our top six tips for attracting a sale.

First impressions last

Buyers often judge properties within 10 seconds of looking at the photographs, so ensure the marketing photographs of your home do it justice. You're better off having a few good quality photos that will attract buyers to an inspection, rather than masses of pixelated images of every room in the house.

Watch your advertising dollar

You don't need to spend a fortune marketing your property through pricey brochures or colourful advertisements, but you do need to ensure your property is exposed in mediums where your real estate agent knows the buyers are. If your agent services the area your property is located in, they should have a good knowledge of where their buyers come from.

Look for negotiation skills

When choosing an agent, look for a good negotiator. The negotiation skill of the agent has to be better than that of the buyer if you want to secure a good price for your property. Take the time to interview agents and be ready with a list of questions to ask that will help identify the skilled negotiators from the unskilled.

Be realistic with price

If your price is not reflective of the current market, you run the risk of not selling the property and wasting the money you have spent on the marketing/advertising campaign. Research or ask your agent to talk you through the comparative market sales in your area and set a price that is realistic and takes into account supply and demand. By not pricing yourself out of the market you are more likely to generate interest and an offer that you can work with until you are happy.

Clean & de-clutter

Make your property look comfortable and tidy without having too many personal things on display. Choose what you can put in storage or give-away that will help you de-clutter the feel of your home.

Repair within reason

There's no doubt that a well-presented property works in your favour, so be sure to do what you can to spruce it up without over-spending. Minor repairs and maintenance like fixing cracked glass and broken lights, cleaning windows and steaming carpets will add value to the property, but be wary of large investments in last-minute renovations that you may never recoup your money on.

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