Work Life Balance

Juggling commitments to work and family often seems to require the perception of a psychic, the balance of a tightrope walker and the stamina of an Olympic athlete. Striking the right balance has never been easy, but it will definitely become easier if you make the most of your time by becoming organised.

Start by keeping a time-diary to monitor where the hours in the day actually go. You can then decide if this is the best way for you to spend your time, and develop a set of priorities that will allow you to postpone unimportant tasks and delegate others. There will always be tasks that cannot be delegated, but if you look you can usually find opportunities to ease up your daily routine.

Put your health and happiness first with these four strategies for achieving a successful work life balance.

1. Work smarter not harder

Ask yourself whether you are doing things in the quickest, most efficient manner? Once you have worked out what tasks you can delegate and what you can't, consider how to go about working smarter, not harder. 'Smart strategies' include prioritising your workload, using technology, asking for help and setting yourself time limits and boundaries.

2. Be tech savvy

Don't neglect the convenience of technology, whether it's paying bills online or using apps on your iPod. It might seem daunting or time consuming to take on new technology but investing the effort up-front is worth the time-savings it will bring you down the track.

3. No screen time

Take plenty of 'no screen' time during evenings and weekends - with no emails, internet, phones or laptop. To prevent work spilling over to your personal life you need to set boundaries with staff and colleagues so they know when they can and can't contact you.

4. Schedule hobbies

Chances are you will never get around to your hobbies and interests if you don't schedule them into your day. Whether it's attending a gym class or learning a language, you need to put aside the time and treat it as you would any other important commitment.

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