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We vow to put you in control of your future We vow to build a business shaped by your needs We vow to free up your time for more important things We vow to offer you opportunities for growth We vow to be there from start to finish We vow to empower you to help people

We’ve only just opened for business. Yet so far we’ve heard nothing but complaints.

After hundreds of hours listening to brokers around Australia, one thing became clear- things could be better. And as far as we're concerned that's great news.

Drawn by a shared desire to build a more empowering business for brokers, National Brokers Group, The Mortgage Professionals and The Brokerage merged to create a new force in the industry. The result is Vow - a company founded on a solemn promise of empowerment, change and leadership. As a new aggregation business, it means our vow to do things differently, to build a business shaped by broker's needs and put you back in control of your future, seems rather timely.

We're creating a flexible structure that means more flexible services. You'll enjoy software solutions that make things easier and faster instead of more frustrating. And you can choose the commission structures you want, rather than settling for the one you're given.

On top of that we'll have solutions to help start, grow or even exit your business. And we'll be offering a wider range of financial services to help your business diversify.

So to all the brokers who voiced their issues on behalf of brokers everywhere, thank you. To hear what brokers had to say, watch our video here.

To share your thoughts with us just send us an email at admin@vow.com.au.


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