MFAA announces new president - Australian Broker (01 August 2013)

The MFAA has announced Tim Brown, current CEO of Vow Financial, as its new president-elect. Brown, who officially takes over the role at the MFAA's AGM in November, tells Australian Broker he's looking forward to the opportunity.

"I know the role has its challenges, but I'm committed to the industry and I want to do everything possible to see it grow and evolve."

In a video the MFAA posted online announcing the appointment, Brown says he's got high hopes for the industry.

"The board has been discussing the strategy with the MFAA management team and there's two or three things that we think we can introduce over the next 12-18 months that will sort of be a grassroots campaign," he says.

"But I think it also then comes back to us working with the brokers and the brokers themselves working within the community to lift the profile."

Brown has worked as a broker himself in the past, as well as in the lending business and as head of an aggregator - experiences which he believes will serve him well in his new role.

"I've been in the industry for a long time - probably too long, actually, that's why I've got the grey hair! But I think it was a point in my life where I thought it was time to give back to the industry and I really felt that I could make a difference.

"I've been a broker...I've been a lender, so I've seen the lenders' perspective. I've also been an aggregator. So I think what I can bring to the role is a diverse number of experiences and backgrounds. Also, I've lived up and down the East Coast of Australia (and) I've traversed most of the countryside, so not only can I bring the experience, but I can also bring the demographic and geographic knowledge as well. So hopefully that will hold me in good stead as the years go."