It's important to remember people's names in business - Master Networking (21 July 2010)

Wednesday,21July 2010 - Master Networking

Peter Solohub is the Southern Australian Business Manager of Vow Financial. He shares with us about how remembering names is a vital part of doing business. As Peter says "it can 'make or break' a business deal."

Throughout my career I have found myself in situations where I have come into contact with hundreds of fellow business people as casual acquaintances. This is particularly so in my current position as I rely on my network to identify and refer leads.

I have adopted a number of simple techniques which help me to remember people's names. I believe if you can 'master' this, it will enhance your business, and will give you professional recognition.

And it's simple! Here's how -

If you receive a business card:

  • Look for a word or phrase that best describes that person - either a feature about them or even what football team they barrack for, where the introduction took place.
  • Write that description on the back of the business card.

If you don't receive a business card:

  • Repetition - In conversation, repeat out loud the person's name whenever you have an opportunity during the conversation. Try and repeat at least 3 times.
  • Try and identify a feature of that person or the environment in which you met, and make a mental note. As soon as you get a chance, make a note of that observation in your meeting notes.
  • If the name is unusual, ask the person to spell it out for you. Repeat the pronunciation as many times as you can in the conversation. As well, if you get a chance make a note in your meeting notes.

Networking is fun and an easy way to broaden your data base as well as helping others.

You are in a win / win situation and people shall respect your wisdom and integrity.

Try and attend at least 1 to 2 networking functions per month.