Please choose from one of the two options below for your non-conforming referral:



1. I will only send the referral to one option (i.e Retail or Wholesale) - not both at the same time. If I receive acknowledgement from one party that the deal will not work, I will be able to submit the referral to the other party.

2. Commissions: If selecting the Retail model (Pepper Home Loans) I will be receiving 0.2% + GST of the loan amount. Vow will be paid 0.3% + GST of the loan amount in total. If selecting the Wholesale model (Red Rock Mortgages), Vow will be paid 20% of the upfront commission for a panel lender and pass along 100% of this to the Vow broker. If it's a non-panel lender, Vow will receive 40% of the upfront commission and pass along 50%. If trail is received for either option, it will be fully retained by Vow Financial. Commission will only be paid on settlement of the loan.

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