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Vow Financial Pinnacle CEO Club Information

These bi-annual exclusive days are by invitation only and bring together the management of Vow Financial and an elite group of our top twenty broker partner groups to shape the future of the business and the industry.

How do you make the Vow Pinnacle CEO Club?

To be eligible for the Pinnacle CEO Club you must have a group head agreement with Vow Financial. Each business entity that sits within Vow's network is eligible. However, there is only ONE ticket to events per business entity.

To make Pinnacle there are three components to the Pinnacle CEO Club as noted below for entry. A broker group must satisfy at least 2 of the below 3 elements.

  1. Wildcard entrant - full supporter of Vow initiatives and services (i.e cross sell, management engagement, events and training)
  2. Settlement Volume - In 2013 the individual operators who made the Pinnacle CEO Club settled $7.5m approx each per month.
  3. Contribution to Vow Financial - this is made up of mainly Up-front growth in business and elements of trail book size with Vow.

What do you get when you are in the Pinnacle CEO Club?

  1. Two Pinnacle functions each year (one in March, one at the Vow conference)
  2. $750 to cover part of the Vow National Conference ticket for you and your staff
  3. Part of your accommodation / flights to National Conference
  4. Ability to work with Vow Management
  5. Participate on the inside track of Vow Financial
  6. Opportunities which present themselves to Vow Financial from time to time

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