Benefits of using Vow Platform

Increased efficiency in your business sales process, documentation storage, compliance

Compliance documents are pre-loaded into the system for you e.g. Credit Guide, Credit Proposal & Preliminary Assessment

Marketing documents and templates are pre-loaded into the system for client contact points

Ability to use multiple income streams of our diversified product offerings e.g. Vow Wealth, Vow Legal, Insurance, etc

Access to an Infinitive service help desk 7 days a week and to your Vow BDM who understands the software

Industry Standard e-lodgement tool no more double entering data! There is no added cost for e-lodgement

Client Relationship Management (CRM) industry leading product to help you manage your database. Easy to export your database at any time for a mail merge / marketing campaign

Loan Budget & Loan Comparison Software Qualify and Recommend products for your clients

Take your database with you in many cases you can migrate your old database to the new system