MetLife: Insurance Campaign

Vow partner MetLife has recently launched its refreshed brand, and as part of the refresh, it is running a campaign around the benefit of Insurance Inside Super. The campaign highlights the many cases where members have not been aware they had insurance and become ill or had an accident, discovered they had life insurance through their super and were able to claim and get the support they needed.

For many people - low income earners, those in high-risk jobs, and those with previous illnesses - it is their only form of protection. MetLife believes raising awareness about insurance inside superannuation is a socially responsible thing to do.

MetLife's global purpose is "To be the trusted partner to help me navigate my changing world", which is reflected in the tagline 'MetLife. Navigating life together'. In Australia, this purpose has been extended to the brand positioning 'We're for the protectors' Reflecting that MetLife are 'your partner through life, and together they can help you protect yourself and your loved ones'.

The YBR group is working with MetLife to introduce a retail solution for the network and clients - watch this space for more on this new offering.