Need room to move on discounts? Smart Pro can help

The Vow Smart Pro product range is one of the prime lending offerings of your Group Lending team. Here's a quick reminder about why it might be right for your clients.

  • Competitive pricing - Owner-occupied variable rates starting from 3.79% p.a. and Investment from 4.41% p.a.
  • Fixed rates and low rate lock fee - Our fixed rates are also highly competitive, and the rate lock fee of $395 (payable at settlement) is one of the lowest in the market.
  • Flexibility in discounting - We can offer discounts via adjustments to commissions, so if you really need to trim rate further to win the deal, we can often structure a deal to suit.
  • Low cost to entry - valuation fees are covered for most transactions, and Category 1 locations under 80% LVR will also generally be accommodated with an EVM. This provides us with an answer within minutes.
  • Wide geographic coverage. Residential property can be located:
    1. within 50kms of a provincial city with a population greater than 20,000, or
    2. within 20kms of a primary regional town with a population greater than 10,000, or
    3. within 10kms of any NAB branch/store location (NSW and Vic only for this).
  • Flexible with employment situations - Contract and casual employment (6 months) are considered, and for parental leave, return to work projected income is often accepted, as long as we can demonstrate ability to meet loan payments during the leave period.
  • No credit scoring - At Group Lending, none of our funders employ credit scoring, so all applications are assessed on their merits!

To discuss a scenario, get in touch with: 0478 537 841 0468 755 419