Pepper Resolve for Vow Financial Webinar Series

Discussed during the recent Vow Financial Roadshow, Pepper Money is proud to make available to its Vow Financial partners, innovative tools designed to help you to convert more of your business.

Pepper Resolve for Vow is an automated conversion tool designed to provide Vow brokers with an alternative loan solution to offer your customers, where the customers' needs cannot be met by their first choice lender.

Vownet has been integrated with Pepper Resolve, to provide best fit alternative loan options for your deals which are unlikely to proceed with the first choice lender. Within seconds of a decline or broker withdrawn notification, you will receive a decision in the form of an email with an Indicative Offer attached.

This Indicative Offer is a tailored loan solution for you to present to your customer, should you choose to do so. It is intended as an option for you to utilise.

Pepper Resolve for Vow is to be made available to all Vow brokers. Come along to this informative session to learn exactly how Resolve operates and how it may benefit your business.

Option 1: Thursday 18 Apr 19 11-11:45 (AEST) - Registration Link

Option 2: Thursday 18 Apr 19 3-3:45 (AEST) - Registration Link