Vownet: Your Questions Answered

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring you get the best possible results from using the Vownet platform; we will be holding monthly live webinars with Dave Stewart, our National Platform Manager.

We have no pre-determined topics or agendas. Instead, we want you to tell us what you want to know about the Vownet platform.

That's right, we want you to send us your suggestions for topics to be included in the webinars. Each month we will collate all submissions from brokers to identify the most popular/highly requested topics and that becomes the focus for the next webinar.

  • Do you want to know how to complete a specific task/action within the platform?
  • Perhaps you are looking to better understand how the platform helps you meet specific compliance or regulatory obligation?; or
  • Maybe you want to enhance your client's experience by activating advanced features?

Whatever it is - tell us!

Remember; each webinar is based on the questions and enquiries that you send through to us by completing this Vownet Online Submission Form. Whatever it is tell us right now!

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