Macquarie to publish processing times

Macquarie has committed to publishing its home loan processing times every Monday morning.

As a result of hiring 30 plus credit assessors and support staff, the lender has been able to maintain turnarounds despite a significant increase in the volume of new applications. As you can see below, applications received with all supporting documentation are formally approved in 2 business days.

Group Lending: More support means better service to Vow Brokers!

The Vow Group Lending team is growing... more people to support you with your scenarios and workshopping deals...

Offering multiple product solutions is great for your clients, but it can also create challenges in choosing the right one. As a result, we are boosting the resourcing on our team, to offer an improved broker experience. From your initial scenario through to submission, approval, settlement and beyond.

Here's a rundown of our lending experts who are here to help you.

Craig Herden is your dedicated Vow Partnership Manager taking primary responsibility for the Vow network. He is now supported by Tony Wakim, your new Head Office based BDM. Tony has been with Vow for 4 months now and has a strong lending and Broking background in his previous roles, so you will get access to two experienced Group Lending team members!





Craig Herden

Partnership Manager

0478 537 841

Tony Wakim

Head Office Based BDM

1800 737 448, press option 3 for `Scenarios'

New & improved team structure in the Group Lending Credit team!

Matt Cragg and his team have recognised that communication and management of expectations is paramount when you have a deal submitted to credit. The Credit team has now been bolstered with an extra person triaging loan submissions coming through from Vow Brokers. This will improve communication and timely support in helping you lodge applications and obtaining supporting documentation.

We not only focus on the standard backchannel messaging; the Credit team will also contact you to discuss the deal and any potential solutions if the deal cannot be approved with the intended funder or the submitted loan structure.

Improved Settlement Conversions & Customer Experience!

Many of you would already be aware Shehana Prakash recently joined the Group Lending team. Shehana's primary responsibility is to help you navigate your customer from Formal Approval through to Settlement. Over the last 5 months we have seen improved conversions of Approved Loans through to Settlement from 78% to 95%. The Group Lending team have worked hard on improving this area of the business and these results are at industry best standards. Ultimately this helps smooth out the journey for you, your customer and help secure more commission income from your hard work!

As your inhouse Lending Partner we work with you and your customer after the loan has settled...

Our service offering does not finish once the loan is settled. As this business is dedicated to our own distribution channel, your success is our success. Should your client contact us for a top up or additional borrowings, it's referred back to you as the original introducer of business. We will also notify you if your client requests loan statements or triggers any of our other retention markers so that we can be as proactive as possible when dealing with any potential discharges.

Our proposition is all around service from initial contact through to post settlement, Group Lending does not credit score, so if a deal has commercial merit, within reason it will be given due consideration. We are confident that the service we can offer you will help you grow your business.

Take the first step and contact Craig Herden to discuss your next scenario!

Smarter Money Investments reaches $1 billion Funds Under Management (FUM)

Strong demand from clients for an alternative to term deposits has driven SMI to over $1 billion FUM. The team behind the fund has said a big thank you to all of the Vow network for supporting the fund.

Why are investors choosing SMI?

  • Great returns - SMAC returned 4.0% (gross) in the year to Aug 31, and SMHI returned 5.0% (gross) in the same period
  • Low risk - invested primarily in Australian bank bonds and deposits
  • Easily accessible - funds can be accessed in three business days or less

If you haven't met the SMI team to find out how you can share these great returns with your clients, get in contact with:

Luke Bouris

Business Development Manager

Ph 0414 549 400

Cosimo Vallelonga

Investment Specialist

Ph 0402 895 072


By Paul Bennion, Managing Director of DEPPRO

The latest ABS housing finance figures reveals a big surge in the number of home loan borrowers taking out fixed loans.

Figures for July 2017 show that fixed interest rates as a percentage all dwellings financed for the month surged to 18.7% which was the highest proportion of all loans since May 2013.

The housing finance figures also reveal that since the third quarter of 2016 the proportion of fixed home loans has steadily been on the rise when it reached a low of 11.2% during September 2016.

This surge in the number of fixed home loans is further underlined by the fact that during July 2017 there were 10,194 dwellings financed through fixed loans compared to 6,969 during July 2017 - a rise of 46.2% in the number of fixed loans over the past year.

Fixed loans have become more popular during 2017 due the growing expectation that the Reserve Bank may increase official interest rates over the coming year.

At the same time, the big four banks have been launching new and competitive fixed interest rates .

In particular, property investors have been attracted to these fixed rates because lenders have increased variable interest rates for investors over the past year due new policy settings imposed by APRA.

Another factor encouraging property investors to take out low fixed rates has been a growing trend by the big banks to reduce interest only terms for investors from 15 years to 10 years.

In this environment of tighter lending regulations, enhancing cash flow is a key issue for property investors throughout Australia.

Property investors will now be forced to examine other ways of boosting their cash flow over the coming year through tax benefits associated with property, such as depreciation.

It is critical that property investors boot their income by ensuring that they claim all their legitimate tax benefits relating to property investment such as depreciation allowances.

It is estimated that only one in five residential investors make use of the tax depreciation entitlements which are available to all investors on all investment properties.

Investors often fail to understand that the tax benefits from depreciation can be just as important as rental income and that tax benefits obtained through depreciation can be equivalent to 60% of the total purchase price of the property. Investors fail to understand that the tax benefits from depreciation can be just as important as rental income.

Property investors who have a portfolio of investment properties should also realise that they can claim tax depreciation benefits retrospectively if they have not done so in the past. DEPPRO has been able to assist property investors who have several investment properties achieve tax benefits of over $100,000 by claiming depreciation allowances for previous financial years.

Click the link below and complete the details to ensure your client receives a higher return on their cashflow - or call 1300 888 489