Benefits of doing business with ALI

Here are 7 benefits of doing business with ALI Group

1) Peace of mind for your clients and your business

A lot can happen over your client's lifetime. As their broker, you are a key component in helping your clients understand the risks of borrowing and consider their backup plans should the unexpected--such as a serious health event or injury--occur.

ALI's My Protection Plan (MPP) is a policy that helps give your clients peace of mind and safeguard their homes, lifestyles and futures.

2) You control the process

MPP is built for borrowers and is only offered through ALI's authorised mortgage brokers. Unlike a referral model, ALI's broker driven process reduces the risk of your customer having a poor protection experience.

Applying for MPP is a simple process: no medical tests or medical questions are required, and acceptance is guaranteed if your client meets the eligibility criteria.

Using ALI's online application tool, you can easily generate quotes and educate clients on the product. With the flexibility options, you can adjust the level of cover, or monthly premiums as requested by your client to fit their needs and budget.

3) Your clients are in good hands

ALI's approach to their customers focusses on the ongoing relationship with the person behind the policy. This means they make a welcome call to help ensure that customers understand what they are covered for, how the claims process works and that they can amend the policy at any time.

4) Additional Income for your business

ALI's commission payable is approximately $1,604, across the lifetime of the average client's policy*. This extra income for your business requires no additional overhead costs and may only take a ten-minute conversation on your part.

5) Extra Benefits can help offset your client's premiums

In ensuring that protection remains an affordable option for Aussie homeowners, ALI have extensively invested in Extra Benefits: a loyalty program that offers discounts on gift cards for a range of retailers, including 7.5% off Coles and Woolworths supermarket e-gift cards.**

A benefit that ALI customers can claim within their first week of taking out a policy, the everyday savings that customers make through the Extra Benefits program could help cover part--or even all--of the cost of their monthly premiums. Best of all, brokers can also take advantage of this everyday perk.

6) It could be a conversation your client never forgets

Among the many claims paid to ALI customers have been Vow clients whose lives were positively impacted because of the conversation their broker had.

"Oh, gosh, cannot thank my GOD for this blessing. With the COVID-19 situation and my ongoing treatments on a weekly basis, the money went through paying off all my loans and a big chunk of my mortgage payments. Now, I can even pay treatments with my own money other than credit cards."
Vow Customer Teresita, 55, Cancer, $110,134 (Claim benefit paid in April 2020)***

7) On the ground support with a local ALI Group BDM

As an authorised broker, you will be supported every step of the way by your local ALI Group BDM. ALI's team of BDMs bring a wealth of experience, including local market knowledge to help you seamlessly integrate protection into your client service and tailor to your market's needs.

Protect your clients and your business. Contact your ALI Group BDM today or enquire to become an authorised ALI Group broker.

For any questions please reach out to your BDM.

*Based on average life of an ALI Policy of approx. 7 years. Current as at August 2022, based on what ALI Group pays to Vow.

** Discounts as at August 2022, subject to change.

***The current My Protection Plan has been available since 5 April 2021. The above is an example of a customer claim paid on a similar product distributed by Australian Life Insurance Distribution Pty Ltd ABN 31 103 157 811 AFSL 226403. Any advice provided is general in nature and does not take into consideration personal objectives, financial situation and needs. Consumers should consider these and the information in the Product Disclosure Statement (available along with the Target Market Determination, from or speak to a financial advisor before making a decision about the suitability of the product. (c) ALI Group September 2022

Liberty Residential Loans September Update

With direct access to Liberty's underwriters and simple loan application process, get your next deal across the finish line faster. Liberty loves supporting free-thinking brokers to help more customers get financial.

Click here for more details including a link to the Introducer Guide.

If you have any questions, refer to your Vow Financial BDM.

Going places with Banjo Loans

Banjo Loans has recently helped a company that was seeking funding to purchase a new machinery.

See snapshot below of how they helped the business.

Retail - Automotive

Loan Amount

Time in Business
8 years


Annual Turnover

Total Deal Time
2 days

A bit of background

  • A N.T owned and operated company that has extensive knowledge of used cars.
  • They have recently expanded its services to include vehicle restoration and tire retail.
  • The business has recently injected over $400K of equity into the company, and as a result has remained profitable with a growing turnover.

How did Banjo Loans help them move forward?

  • Providing confidence with its profitability, Banjo provided a working capital loan of $315,000 over a 36-month period which was funded in 2 days.
  • This cash injection provided funds to purchase its machinery for its successful business growth and expansion.

For any questions please reach out to your BDM.

N1 Holdings Limited September Market Update

N1 Holdings Limited has summarized recent trends they have spotted in their deals.

What type of deals is N1 seeing?

  • More larger loan size deals, they are seeing a lot more over $5mil to $10mil nowadays, there has been a few urgent settlements. N1 can fund up to $25mil+ on residentials
  • More 12 months deals than shorter terms. They have also had a spike in enquiries of 18mth+ terms. Historically they saw more 6 months deals.
  • More residentials than commercials. Notably more non-major cities enquiries from booming Newcastle, Wollongong, Gold Coast/Noosa, etc.

How is the SME market doing?

  • SMEs are coping with increased activity post-pandemic,
  • "Land bankers" are capitalizing on opportunities of well-priced sites
  • A lot of small business owners, especially B2B businesses have been doing well, service-based businesses seem to have picked up a lot in activity

How is the property market doing?

  • Valuations have occasionally exceeded expectations, and borrowers' expectations are getting more aligned with market sentiment
  • Less purchase activity in the space of sub $1mil property. N1 doesn't see much change of activity in off-market sales or larger size transactions. However, there have been 27 deals funded in the last quarter as equity release or refinance.
  • They are seeing a slight increase in activity and enquiries coming in from Adelaide of South Australia.

If you have any questions, refer to your Vow Financial BDM.

Prospa EOY Promotions

Prospa is bringing back their highly effective end-of-year promotion to continue their support to Aussie small businesses and partners. Small business owners resonate highly with Prospa's campaign offer at this time of the year as the festive season can add challenges and opportunities to cash flow and a no repayment period allows them to focus on their immediate business needs.

Please see the details below.

EOFY Promotional Details

Promotional period: 24 October - 31 December 2022 (inclusive)

Customer offer

Prospa is offering no repayments for up to the first 8 weeks on their Small Business Loan & Prospa Plus Business Loans to allow businesses to focus on the here and now. This will extend their loan term and interest will accrue from the settlement date to the end of the term. T&Cs apply, click here.

Partner offers

1. Boost commission

Accredited partners will earn extra commission above the usual rates for all new customers referred and settled by 30 June 2022:

  • For Prospa Small Business Loan with the disbursed amount of up to $150,000 - Earn 6% (2% increase from usual rate)commission for first time & new referral customers.
  • For Prospa Plus Business Loan with the disbursed amount over $150,000 - Earn 5% (1% increase from usual rate) commission for first time & new referral customers.
  • For Prospa Line of Credit - Earn 5% (2% increase from usual rate) on First Drawdown commission for the first time & new referral customers.

Terms and conditions apply - click here.

2. Partner Small business Loan offer

Accredited partners can also apply for a loan to invest in their own business. Loan options of up to $150,000 available with a fixed Annual Simple Rate of 14.9% p.a.

Credit assessment, fees, terms, and conditions apply - click here.

For any questions please reach out to your BDM.

Check out ORDE Commercial Advantage

Orde Financial understands you need a fast lender partner who moves just as quickly as you! Thus they have made some changes to demonstrate their commitment to your team, and the efforts you make to help your customers realise their home ownership dreams and commercial property goals sooner.

The ORDE Commercial Advantage!

  • Loan to Value Ratio up to 75%
  • Borrow up to $2M
  • Refreshed competitive Commercial lending rates
  • 30-Year Loan Terms with no annual reviews
  • Redraw available

Helping Borrowers Save...

ORDE is waiving the application fee* on their Residential product range when you submit your client's Residential and Commercial finance applications together. Applications must be submitted by 30 November 2022.

Supported by the Power of One!

  • One Lending Team - BDM Credit aligned in broker first service with direct access to an experienced ORDE BDM and Credit Assessor
  • One Service Level - fast turnaround times and approvals
  • One Application Form - single accreditation and application forms for all products
  • More support - coaching on your first Residential and Commercial deals, plus a simple, seamless refinance experience.

To access the product guide, click here.

Things you should know: *Eligible applications must be submitted by 30 November 2022. Residential application fee waived on loan amounts up to $1m when settled with a minimum $350K commercial loan. Standard application fee payable on any differential above $1m. Available across Prime and Near Prime borrowers. Both Residential and Commercial applications must have a common borrower or guarantor and applies to loans submitted for assessment at the same time.

All rates, fees and charges are indicative only, subject to ORDE lending criteria and subject to change. Information correct as at 19 September 2022.

If you have any questions, refer to your Vow Financial BDM.