Locked Down or Isolated? Resi Has You Covered

Recently we provided an update that Zip ID has been made available for Resi's Essential and Flexi Options product ranges.

This service is being used to great effect by our brokers streamlining the application process for both.

However, with the recent developments in greater Melbourne remote VOI options have taken on greater significance, so here is what is available for our two main product ranges.

Essential Options

In addition to Zip ID, Australia Post and the normal Face to Face forms, we have made available, there is a special Essential Options AML-CTF and VOI (VIDEO) Form (click here) we have made available on Vownet which allows you to complete the VOI requirements via video conferencing.

These forms are held within the document library of Vownet and within the broker section of the new Resi website resi.com.au

Flexi Options

As an interim measure, we can accept VOI completion by video facilities, if face to face is not available.

To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  • The applicant must send a copy of their required identification documents to you ahead of time.
  • Once received, the applicant must display the original ID via video to ensure you are satisfied that the copies provided match the originals.
  • You are then required to:
  • Certify the copies in line with our standard requirements,
  • Tick the "Face to Face with broker" option under the VOI declaration as the method (whilst we work towards updating our form),
  • The detail in the background notes the use of video conferencing to conduct the VOI and the technology used.


It has now been confirmed that the Financial and Insurance Services Sector can remain open for on-site work with a COVID Safe Plan even under stage 4 lockdown measures in Greater Melbourne.

We have confirmation that Valuation services are deemed to support the Financial Services Sector and fall under the scope of critical banking services to support the provision of services, credit and payment facilities.

Special measures are available if properties are unavailable for physical inspections - an example being occupants needing to self-isolate (when a full valuation is required)

The Resi team is ready to lend a hand for our entire network including our Victorian colleagues who are locked down doing their bit to keep everyone safe.