Liberty Commercial Enhancements

Hi Team VOW,

I hope each of you are doing very well.

Liberty are very excited to announce some enhancements to our Commercial product range which I am hoping that you can share with each of your networks to help get the message out.

If you could also mention that anyone not accredited can contact me and I'll take care of getting them accredited.

  • LVR's up to 80% for Commercial Full Doc and Commercial SMSF
  • LVRS up to 70% for Commercial No Doc /Boost /Asset Lend & Low Doc (accountants declaration or BAS/bank statements)
  • Rates starting from 4.90%
  • Redraw available for Full Doc and Low Doc
  • Terms up to 30 years, I/O up to 5 years, no annual review or revaluation of security - We pay 0.75% up front and 0.35% trail and with no clawback.

Thanks for your support and if you have any questions please let me know.