Changes to ING Commissions

ING will change the way it calculates upfront broker commissions to align to the Combined Industry Forum's package of reforms on utilisation.

Effective from 1 January 2019, ING will calculate upfront commissions on the residential loan balance utilised.

Upfront commissions will be based on the residential loan balance net of any offset balance 5 calendar days following settlement.

What are the changes?

1. Upfront Commission on Utilisation Basis

In Line with the Combined Industry Forum reform package, ING will calculate upfront commission payment net of offset and redraw balances 5 calendar days following settlement.

2. Removal of Upfront Commission Bonus

ING will also be simplifying their upfront commission model by removing the current bonus (Owner Occupied & Orange Advantage) and split current spend on these commissions on LVR model by substituting the difference into each LVR band.

New Model


> 80%

80% and > 60%



52.5 bps

62.5 bps

72.5 bps