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In this edition, we hear from the keynote speaker at Suncorp's recent Synergy Sunrise Series event, Michael McQueen. Michael is a six-time bestselling Author and Futurist, who shares his views on "the age of transparency" and how defining one's purpose and building trust can translate to stronger returns and sustainable growth. Michael provides a blueprint for how organisations can dial-up authenticity and human-ness, and what as an industry we can do to close the perceived "trust gap"...and he presents a very compelling case based on his global insights.

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Another popular presentation at Synergy was on customer vulnerability by Suncorp's Customer Advocate, Matt Leslie. Unique to Suncorp, the differing vulnerability profiles provided brokers with information on how they can actively help their customers manage their situation. Suncorp has established dedicated Vulnerability Hubs, teams that case manage and assist customers through these challenging circumstances. Matt is also leading collaboration with other Bank Advocates and industry to identify how to best support brokers and ensure there is consistency in expectations around the role brokers play in light of the Banking Code of Practice changes.

Some weeks ago, Suncorp became a founding signatory to the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Banking, signalling our commitment to drive an inclusive, fair and sustainable banking sector that contributes positively to customers and their communities.

And we have made some exciting announcements at our Executive level - with the appointment of Steve Johnston as Group CEO and the planned departure of David Carter, CEO Banking & Wealth.

The energy within the industry feels like it has turned-up the dial on optimism. And while at Suncorp we have faced some service challenges, our focus is on how we can better use technology to increase automation to deliver a consistent and reliable service to our broker partners and customers.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to building a resilient and diverse industry - we truly value our partnership.

Renee Blethyn

Suncorp National Partnerships Manager