Clive's recap on 2017

Clive Kirkpatrick's recap

I hope you've had a good 2017 and are close to winding down for the break.

This year has certainly been interesting. As we all know, funders and regulators have thrown us some curve balls; the ASIC and Sedgwick reviews bubbled away; and just this week we saw the Combined Industry Forum deliver its report on the future of commissions.

We support the CIF's recommendations (you can read more about them here), and we provided input to the process. In the end, it's about giving customers the best outcome. Changes in lending also underline the ongoing importance of having a properly diversified income stream. When you are taking care of your clients' full financial needs, you are ensuring they get the best outcome.

I'd like to thank everyone for your hard work and your commitment to your clients. I hope you have a well-earned break and happy Christmas and New Year.

Best wishes to you all,