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Here is a recent scenario where Funding helped borrowers complete construction. Is this a similar situation your clients are in?

Client Scenario
The borrowers required funds to purchase a new home while awaiting the sale of their current property. However, they struggled to find a lender who could meet their needs and provide them with a seamless solution.

Client Solution
Funding stepped in and provided them with the funds they needed, ensuring they could move into their new home without needing the sale finalised from their current property.

  • Borrowing Amount - $633K
  • Borrowing Entity - Joint Borrowers
  • Location - Biggera Waters QLD 4216
  • Security - First Mortgage
  • Loan Term - 4 Months
  • Exit Strategy - Sale of Property
  • Approval Time - 3 Hours

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Assetline: New Alt-Doc Construction Product

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Alt Doc Construction product. Borrowers of Alt Doc Construction can access financing from $1m to $5m and 70% LVR for a period of up to 18 months.

With no/limited presales or servicing required, the product aims to deliver an alternative and reliable funding opportunity for borrowers wanting to do small developments. Unlike larger construction solutions, the Alt Doc Construction product has a simple and straightforward five-stage drawdown payment process, providing the broker and its client with a clear, efficient, and cost-effective strategy for the build.

"We recognised a gap in the market and worked with our broker network to develop an alt doc construction funding product between $1-5m. We've kept the process deliberately simple to make it easy for both brokers and borrowers to access," says Royden D'Vaz, Head of Sales and Distribution at Assetline Capital.

To celebrate the launch of our new product, we are hosting a CPD-accredited webinar on March 13th at 12:30pm. We hope you can join us as we deep dive into the construction lending landscape including tips on how to get started with construction lending as a broker.

Download the product flyer here.

To read the full media article, click here.

N1 Holdings: The Value of Brokers as Information Hub

One of the unnoticed and hidden risks of not dealing with mortgage brokers is the borrower has no HUB of information. See the two scenarios below.

There are many lenders in the market and they exist for different reasons, varying appetite and hence every lender doesn't have identical pricing and policy. In the space of commercial lending for example, it's not a commoditised solutions, whereby SME owners, property developers and sophisticated investors can easily navigate the market and go direct to a lender. Yes there may be some large-ticket borrowers who have established relationships with current bank or lender but as market changes the lending landscape changes too, resulting appetite change among banks and lenders. And it's not unusual to for banks and lenders to have maximum Obligor exposure.

Two scenarios could play out, based on our very recent actual experience.

Borrower 1: a broker partners brought a deal to us with complete docs and info, because the other lender has changed appetite and the deadline is pressing. We managed to helped the borrower complete the funding need. Albeit hectic due to rushed deadline but at least the whole process starts immediately as relevant docs and info is 99% complete, via the broker partner.

Borrower 2: reached out via an accountant, similarly in an urgency mode, once again previous application with a bank was declined, although in the past the same landbank deal would have been easily boxes-ticked and approved. We asked for same docs and info but the applicant found it challenging even with the assistance of the accountant, as communication with previous lender was direct but ad hoc, no centralized or hub for fact finding and dataroom for docs, understandably given the borrower is not expert in lending. Undoubtedly things can delay.

The lesson here is don't overlook the many benefits of relying on a professional who does their job many more times than yourself.

If you need more information on how to maximize value for your clients' funding strategy, please reach out to us. We are opened for more business and have increased appetite in 2024!

N1 offers real flexibility in private lending. Reach out to our friendly team and speak direct to decision makers. We control and lend our own fund and doesn't have restrictive policy. N1H currently manages about $140mil and funding sits in our account ready for immediate deployment.

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Brighten Lender Update - Policy Enhancements

Brighten is pleased to announce more than 15 policy enhancements designed to improve serviceability, streamline paperwork, and offer greater flexibility for both brokers and customers. These changes reflect our commitment to providing you and your customers with effective solutions in the continually evolving market environment.

Resident Policy Changes

Reduced servicing buffer:

  • New loans: 2% above the applicable rate.
  • Alternate Servicing for Refinance*: 1% above the applicable rate

*Conditions to qualify: a) Max of $25k cash out; b) Min of 12 months for the facility being refinanced; c) No adverse credit events or debts being refinanced for the last 12 months; d) No adverse listings for the last 24 months; and e) Max 80% LVR.

Rental allowance increased to 90%

Streamlined Self-Employed Income Verification:

1) 100% of Company Wages Accepted (only available to loans 80%LVR)

This option can be used if the applicant(s) is paying themselves a regular salary or director wages for the last 6 months:

  • 2 consecutive payslips;
  • 6 months bank statements or ATO Income Statements noting YTD income declared; AND
  • An Accountant's Letter confirming that the company has sufficient profits to meet its business commitments and that the business has traded profitably for the last two years

2) Removed the requirement for BAS when the 1-Year financials provided are more than 6 months old.

Streamlined PAYG Income Verification:

Removed the requirement for 3 months' bank statements

A Certificate of Balance is now accepted as proof of Funds to Complete.

Non-Resident Policy Changes

Reduced servicing buffer:

  • New loans: 2% above the applicable rate.
  • Refinance: The Non-Resident 'Easy Refinance' criteria remain unchanged.

Additional PAYG income verification option:

  • 2 consecutive payslips; AND
  • 3 months bank statement

Australian Trusts are now accepted as one of the acceptable borrower types.

The validity of offshore credit reports has been extended to 90 days from the date of Formal Approval.

For Off-The-Plan purchases with contracts older than 12 months, higher valuations up to the original contract price are accepted.

Bankruptcy/Part IX criteria expanded to allow consideration 2 years after discharge

Product Changes

Category 2 locations are now accepted for all Non-Resident products, i.e., Brighten Evergreen & Brighten Easy Builder- Non-Resident loans 60% LVR.

Increased LVR, loan size, and expanded location for Brighten Evergreen:

  • Max $2.5m for loans 65% LVR in Sydney & Melbourne metropolitan areas
  • Max $1.5m for loans 70% LVR and $1m for loans 65% LVR in Gold Coast metropolitan areas
  • Max 75% LVR for High Density Apartment Units

Risk Fee adjusted for Brighten Elevate loans >70% LVR to 0.5%.

For more information, please download the updated Product Guide, Rate Card and Niche List.