Salestrekker Update

Last night we deployed a new update to all Salestrekker servers.

1) Filters are now more prominent when active:

2) When marking deal as paused, a task is set to remind of the paused deal. Task is autoset on + 6 months (this can be manually adjusted each time deal is marked as Paused).

Bug Fixes

  • Note that some users have noticed system slowdown around 10AM and 4PM Sydney time. The cause of these was a regular server backup. To rectify these issues, we are now moving server back-ups to 3AM Sydney time
  • We modified new Client Portal to avoid blank screen issues reported (e.g. user address not added; users adding employment and not linking to the employer prior to sending CP invite to the client).

Coming Soon

  • We are completing work on Maximum Borrowing relocation to Product Search and Review. We expect to complete testing and go live by 1 November
  • Android application 2.0 is nearing completion and we intend to have live release on Google Play by 1 November
  • We have received early access Zapier approval. I will send a separate communication later this week regarding this
  • We expect to commence testing new Marketing functionality from 1 November
  • Assert Finance users: we expect Latitude and Macquarie integrations to go live in November.