Resi Update on the Resi Flexi Options

With interest rate movements happening on a regular basis, we thought we would highlight a handful of our Resi Flexi Options price points which represent great value for our clients and a great opportunity for you to win more business.

In terms of loans to investors, we have you covered no matter the scenario. Principal and Interest remains the more popular option now with sharper rates available - our rates are not honeymoon rates so we represent a good value option for regardless of how long your client wants to stay with us.

LVR < 80%

80% < LVR < 90%*

P&I variable investor rate



* LMI can be capitalised on top of the loan amount.

If cash flow is a priority for your client and Interest Only is still on the top of their list, while the rates are a little higher, these are among the best in the market, again, not a honeymoon rate. Once the Interest Only period expires we also help your clients by reviewing the rate back to a P&I price point at the time!

We also offer Interest Only investment right up to a 90% LVR!

LVR < 80%

80% < LVR < 90%*

Interest Only variable investor rate



* 90% hard cap for Interest Only lending.

Additionally, have some competitive rates for owner-occupied lending, so if you have an investor that needs to release equity from an Owner-Occupied property we have you covered there as well.

Rates are also available for construction and even bridging finance (fees apply), make sure you reach out to the team to discuss your next scenario!

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