ThinkTank Announcement

With the recent re-introduction of Covid related lockdown restrictions in multiple locations including Sydney, Brisbane and Perth along with ongoing restrictions of a limited nature in Melbourne, we would like to re-affirm that Thinktank's borrower support measures that are in place ensure all business partners and their networks are aware of how borrowers may access this support.

In early 2020 with the onset of Covid, Thinktank established a dedicated Hardship Support team staffed by experienced Credit personnel to work on a one-to-one basis with borrowers impacted by the pandemic. The team, along with all of the original support options, have remained accessible to borrowers throughout and continue to be available to those facing either short term or indefinite difficulty whether related to Covid or for other reasons.

Options open to borrowers in need of support at this time or going forward:

  • Full deferral of monthly loan repayments.
  • Reduction in monthly loan repayments.
  • Extension of the current interest-only term; or
  • Conversion of monthly loan repayments from principal and interest to interest only.

Any of the above arrangements will be put in place for an agreed period, ordinarily up to three months in the first instance according to individual circumstances, then subject to mutual review and either the provision of further support or returning to scheduled repayments.

Borrower Support Process:

Borrowers either seeking or wishing to enquire about assistance should:

  • Visit ThinkTank's website and click on the Hardship Assistance menu link at the centre-top of our home page and submit the short online form. This will automatically be received by their Hardship Assistance Team who will then make personal contact with the borrower and work with them to provide all necessary support in light of their present situation and outlook.

Alternatively, borrowers and business partners may email enquiries to

Hardship Assistance

If you have any questions, please reach out to your BDM.

Suncorp Update

Please be advised that Suncorp has grown its broker support team in Victoria by 50 per cent. This means their brokers are even better placed to support their customers.

Suncorp has also taken feedback on board around its service levels. Their dedicated Business Development team will be managing every loan from application to settlement, communicating honestly and transparently.

Meanwhile, they are continuing to simplify and improve all their processes - processes that are the same for their broker and direct channels. Remember, Suncorp does not differentiate between channels.

Over the coming days, Suncorp is in touch with their teams to formalise the positive changes in Victoria.

For any questions, please reach out to your BDM.

Covid-19 Impact

Home loan customers significantly affected by current or recent COVID-19 restrictions across the country are being offered dedicated assistance through a new support package from Adelaide Bank. The package extends the Bank's existing hardship support measures already in place for customers financially affected by the pandemic.

Customers that have been significantly impacted, regardless of their location or industry, are encouraged to contact the Bank as soon as possible to discuss the various support options available, based on their circumstances and needs.

If you have a customer who has been affected by the current situation, please encourage them to contact the Mortgage Help Centre on 1300 650 259 to discuss their options and offer advice and support.

La Trobe Update

Below is an update to La Trobe Financials current appetite regarding NDIS properties.

For an Established property, the following can be considered:

  • Up to 80% LVR
  • Residential rates (full doc or lite doc)
  • Metro locations - Other locations considered on a case by case basis
  • Valuer to comment that property would readily appeal to the broad market
  • Valuer to value on a vacant possession basis with standard market rent BUT include comments surrounding NDIS purpose
  • Remedial works not to exceed $10k
  • Construction of single build and or duplex

As always, please reach out to Sornkin Sairlao of La Trobe Financial via email or on the mobile 0490 123 392.

Macquarie Update

Macquarie have been busy over the last twelve months and one of the areas they are focusing on is growth strategies within their Professional Property Client space.

While this segment for Macquarie is not new it has evolved and grown over the last year into a core part of their business and a space that they see as a great way for brokers who do not specialise in our foundation segments to experience Macquarie Commercial.

What you need to know

Residential Retained Stock:

  • Looking for High Net Worth individuals
  • Needs to be 4 or more residential properties in the portfolio.
  • Metro Areas of most capital cities
  • Valuation took as in one line if properties are all in one complex/site
  • ICR 1.3X + based on buffered variable rate
  • 25% shading on rental income to allow for expenses/maintenance/costs
  • LVR up to 60% if in one location or up to 80% if individually located
  • Security being an acceptable asset (standard Residential, Not under 50 Sqm)
  • No cash out restrictions
  • No concentration risk issues

Commercial Property Investment:

  • Looking for High Net Worth individuals
  • A or B Grade Assets/Locations
  • Metro Areas of most capital cities
  • Owner Occupied only for Industries we bank
  • Investment Valuation
  • ICR 1.3X + based on a buffered rate
  • LVR Up to 67%, with the option of I/O
  • Net passing income shaded to 95%
  • No tenant to be more than 60% + of income
  • The term is set by WALE
  • Max terms available on product up to 5 years inc up to 5 I/O
  • Security being an acceptable asset

Bended Portfolio (Residential and Commercial Assets):

  • Looking for High Net Worth individuals
  • Metro Areas of most capital cities
  • ICR 1.3X + based on a buffered variable rate
  • Valuations applied as per previous policy outline
  • 25% shading on residential rental income and 95% on net passing commercial rental income to allow for expenses
  • LVR's applied as per the previous policy outline
  • Security being an acceptable asset
  • No cash out restrictions
  • No concentration risk issues

Something New

While some key areas have been outlined at a high level above each transaction is never the same. At Macquarie Commercial they are more than happy to discuss and provide guidance on anything property related.

From a single tenant industrial asset to a large multi-unit investment play. An entire industrial business park to a residential investment portfolio for a large syndicate group, Macquarie Commercial could be the solution you are looking for.

Examples of recently approved transactions

Badge 1:


  • Refinance of $2.8M Debt from another financier
  • Security 3 x general industrial office warehouse properties
  • Mixed lease terms with average 3-year WALE
  • LVR - 55%
  • Rate to client - 2.50% per annum variable interest rate.

  • National non-discretionary retail tenants
  • 50% LVR
  • Rate to client 2.0%

Badge 2:


  • Bunning's asset with healthy lease term remaining (we have replicated this structure on Dan Murphy' '' ' ' ... ' ' s, Officeworks)
  • Commencing LVR - 60%
  • Rate to client - 2.20% per annum (all up) variable interest rate.

Badge 3:


  • Recently refurbished building, well located with 40% occupied by a good tenant and looking to lease-up the remaining 60%
  • Initial LVR 40% stepping up to 55% upon additional lease-up
  • Interest Only
  • Rate to Client High 2% per annum.

Badge 4:


  • Mixed residential/retail with 6 residential units and ground floor 4 retail tenancies
  • LVR - 55%
  • Interest Only
  • Rate to Client Mid 2% per annum (all up).

Security for Macquarie will generally include 1st registered mortgage, personal guarantees and a GSA where the debt is greater than $10m. Second mortgages behind Macquarie's facilities is not allowed.

WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

Resi Service Levels

We are thrilled to announce, Resi is maintaining consistent turnaround times for the Essential product offering, to ensure we meet the needs of your clients.

With a record number of applications being assessed by the credit team, our priority is "Broker & Customer Service" and ensuring an answer is issued as quickly as possible.

Pre- Assessment

1 working day

Initial Credit Assessment

3 working days

Formal Credit Approval

3 working days

Mortgage Documents Issued

3 working days

Why Choose Resi:

  • Attractive Interest Rates
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Fully Assessed Pre-Approvals
  • No credit Scoring
  • No CCR
  • PLUS, a lot more (see attached niche flyer)

For any scenarios or assistance reach out to your BDM or email

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