Resi - Product Specials hotting up for Spring

At Resi, we are very excited to bring to you several special offers. Not only do we have great investment solutions with the Resi Flexi Options Range, but we also have some hot rates available on Owner-occupied properties!

With the Flexi Options range, we have investment rates starting at 3.99% p.a., but we have sharp pricing for both Interest Only as well as P&I Investment Lending. Not only that, we are offering Investment solutions up to 90% for both P&I lending as well as Interest Only!

Here is a snap shot of our latest pricing, which is available with a full commission paid of 0.60% Upfront (plus GST) and trail of 0.15% (plus GST).

Loan Description

Variable Interest Rate

Investment, P&I, LVR < 80%

3.99% p.a.

Investment, P&I, 80%<90%

4.26% p.a.

Investment, IO, LVR < 80%

4.39% p.a.

Investment, IO, 80%<90%

4.79% p.a.

Owner-Occupied, P&I, LVR < 80%

3.74% p.a.

Owner-occupied, P&I, 80%<90%

4.06% p.a.

For more detail plus information on our other great specials please refer to the detailed rate card attached.

Other important points:

  • 90% LVR also allows for Cap LMI for P&I loans (Hard cap of 90% for Interest Only)
  • Clawback period is only 12 months
  • Construction and the best bridging options in the market are also available.

Interested to find out more?

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