Changes to Macquarie Branded Loan Commissions & Clawbacks

Effective for settlements from 16 October 2017, Macquarie has made two key changes:

  • Trail payable to aggregator for new loans will be, for each month, 0.15% p.a. of the average daily balance during the month of that Loan, plus GST. Trail will not be paid on loan balances below $10,000.
  • Clawback rules will also change for new loans also:
    • Where a New Loan is fully repaid within 18 months of the settlement date, the clawbacks will be in accordance with the table below:

Period in which Loan fully repaid from settlement

Percentage of Upfront Commission clawed back

0 - 365 days


366 - 548 days


Some of you may have noticed utilisation clawbacks hit your account for Macquarie loans in the latest commission run. This is a result of the clawback rules being adjusted on 1 Jan this year in line with a number of other lenders, where a utilisation calculation is conducted at the month end following 183 days from initial settlement. A pro rata clawback does come into effect if the current balance is more than $50,000 below the scheduled balance (and offset balances do come into play for this).