Commercial & Motor Niches

As you diversify your lending services, it's useful to know who you can turn to for niche lending in commercial and motor vehicle financing. Speak to the team at Liberty about your next scenario, and you may be able to turn a potential no into a yes.

Niches in Commercial

  • Flexible assessment process and generous servicing criteria at 1.25x ICR
  • Serviceability - Liberty rate plus 2% on Liberty Loan and actual repayments on outside debts regardless of I/O or P&I
  • Unlimited cash out and debt consolidation policy
  • No penalty for minor credit impairment
  • Set and forget facilities. No annual reviews or revaluations
  • Will consider specialised securities (i.e. motels, pubs, service stations, childcare , adult entertainment, etc)
  • Will consider regional and rural locations
  • All credit profiles considered
  • 30 year terms available for Owner Occupied & Investment for low doc commercial applications
  • One day ABN's on our low docs
  • No claw backs on all our commercial loans
  • Asset loans available.

Niches Motor Vehicle

  • 20 years End of Term vehicles (all risk grades)
  • Ex Bankrupts - Discharge from day 1 (Part 9) and 6 months (Part 10)
  • Multiple Credit enquiries
  • $5,000 minimum lend
  • System Approval and 1 hour Settlements.
  • Paid and Unpaid defaults
  • 7 year Commercial Loans
  • 150% of auto edge retail value (assets aged 0-9 Years of age) and 150% average value (assets aged 10-18 years of age) - 2 year min lend
  • Simple and easy Private sale & Refinance verification process

To ask about a scenario, please get in touch with John Ewens at Liberty , his contact number is 0434 338 520.