Attention Investors! Rates from 3.38%

RESI Flexi options is one of the most flexible loans you can provide your clients! Offering Offset on fixed rates, construction, bridging, and everything in between, the Flexi Options has it all.

RESI Flexi Options Promotion key points:

$300 in valuation fees covered
Investment P & I from 3.38%
Investment Fixed 2 & 3 year rates up to 90% LVR 3.59% P & I
I/0 up to 90% LVR available

And Let's not forget, that sitting behind this great product, is a powerful in-house processing team who have one goal: to get you to settlement, as quickly as possible. Our aim is to make life easier for you which is why we have invested significantly to simplify the process and provide you with an outstanding service.

We have a full range of supporting documents available on the Vownet. These include process maps, fact sheets for all our products and post settlement guides to what the clients after settlement experience is like through to document check lists.
If you need any assistance with placing a deal or have a scenario to work though please contact your Resi BDM.