Liberty Commercial New BDM and Latest Offerings

We have a new bdm for liberty commercial, Gabriele Famularo.

You can reach him on 0434 338 525 to discuss any scenarios or to say hello! Below are some of the offerings available at liberty:

Overview of Commercial and SMSF at Liberty:

1. Full Doc (2 years tax returns) - Max 80% LVR
2. Low Doc (Income statement with accountant signoff attached - no need for BAS/trading account statements) - Max LVR 70%
3. Lease stream (rent from third party tenant covers assessed interest - no tax returns/group servicing) - Max LVR 80%
4. Boost (No-Doc) (asset lend) - Max LVR 70%
5. SMSF (Resi and Commercial securities) - Max LVR 80%
6. Includes Off the Plan Purchases - Max LVR 70%

For Commercial - Commission of 0.35% trail and 0.75% upfront commission (No Clawbacks)

NB: Lend sizes from $100,000 - $4,000,000

Loan purposes

Including purchase, refinance, debt consolidation, working capital, cash out, tax debts, credit impairment payments etc

Security types

Office, factory, medical suite, warehouse, retail, vacant land, serviced apartments, childcare, adult entertainment, motel, petrol station, boarding house etc.

Niches on Commercial

- Flexible assessment process and generous servicing criteria at 1.25x ICR
- Serviceability - Liberty rate plus 2% on Liberty Loan and actual repayments on outside debts regardless of I/O or P&I
- Unlimited cash out and debt consolidation policy
- No penalty for minor credit impairment (i.e. ATO debt, mortgage arrears)
- Set & forget facilities. No annual reviews, revaluations and no GSA's
- Will consider specialised securities (i.e. motels, service stations, childcare , adult entertainment, etc)
- Will consider regional and rural locations
- All credit profiles considered
- 30-year terms available for Owner Occupied commercial securities.