Here's how Banjo funded a business in 24 hours

A Banjo Working Capital loan helped this Agricultural wholesale and distribution business harvest financial stability and flourish.

  • Industry - Agriculture

  • Loan Amount - $490,000

  • Time in Business - 19 years

  • Structure - Trust

  • Annual Turnover - $12m

  • Total Deal Time - 24 Hours

A bit of background

  • The client is an Agricultural wholesaler and distributer. They grow, and distribute fresh produce to other businesses.

  • They have many years of experience within the industry and have been in business for 19 years with an annual turnover of $12m.

How did we help this business move forward?

  • The business required Working Capital for the production of inventory, payroll, contracting PAYG and other associated operational costs.

  • Banjo provided a Working Capital loan of $490,000 within 24 hours from submission.

  • Banjo utilised the information provided and spoke with the decision-maker to gain understanding of the business, leading to a quick and favourable outcome for the company.

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Brighten: Risk-Free Waiver & 1 Year Financials, came into effect on 22 May 2023

We are thrilled to bring you not one, but two exciting announcements designed specifically for self-employed borrowers.

1. Alt Doc Prime Risk Fee Waiver Promotion

We are introducing a limited-time Risk Fee Waiver promotion for Alt Doc Prime loans. The Risk Fee will be waived for new Brighten Boss® Prime home loan applications submitted on or before 31st August 2023, approved and settled by 31st October 2023.

Alt Doc Prime - Brighten Boss® Prime

  • Variable rate from 6.94%p.a.*(comparison rate 7.02%p.a.#) up to 70%LVR

  • Variable rate from 7.09%p.a.2(comparison rate 7.17%p.a.#) up to 80%LVR

  • $0 Risk Fee up to 80%LVR^

  • Investment loans +0.15% p.a.

  • Max. Loan Size $1.5m

  • 100% Redraw Offset Facility available

  • Fully assessed Pre-Approvals. 48 Hours SLA.

2. Accepting 1-Year Financials - Full Doc Prime

To make our competitive Full Doc Prime loans even more accessible for your self-employed customers, we will now accept 1-Year financials under the Brighten Empower Prime product.

Full Doc Prime - Brighten Empower Prime

  • Variable rate from 6.29%p.a.*(comparison rate 6.32%p.a.#) up to 70%LVR

  • Variable rate from 6.74%p.a.2(comparison rate 6.77%p.a.#) up to 80%LVR

  • Investment loans +0.15% p.a.

  • Max. LVR 95% (LMI applies)

  • 100% Redraw Offset Facility available

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ANZ Document Exchange: Keeping Your Customers' Data Safer and Simplifying Our Relationship

In today's fast-paced digital world, safeguarding our customers' data security is of utmost importance. We know from our regular discussions with brokers and our aggregator partners that this also matters greatly to you and that you would like to understand what ANZ is doing to improve the way we protect customer data.

I am pleased to advise, that effective immediatley, ANZ business bankers will start to request supporting loan documentation for business lending applications via ANZ's Document Exchange portal.

Document Exchange is designed to provide a safer alternative to traditional models of communication like email, which can be more vulnerable to interception and hacking. To help protect customer data, Document Exchange incorporates robust safety measures like two-factor authentication, redaction of sensitive information and purging of documents after 120 days.

A number of other benefits offered by Document Exchange include:

  • Transparency and efficiency between you, your customer and your Business Banker with what documents have been provided and what's outstanding

  • Supports large file uploads of 150Mb per file

  • Helps ensure clear and accurate communication with you and your customers

This makes Document Exchange our preferred choice for sharing documents.

3 Steps to sharing documents with your Business Banker:

1. Sign in:

  • Receive email from ANZ Document Exchange on behalf of your Banker

  • Enter the URL: for the portal in your browser (PC browser compatible only, not compatible with mobile devices)

  • On the portal, enter the email address you provided your Banker and enter the SMS code sent to your mobile phone

  • (Your customers also have access to their requests and can upload documents)

2. Provide documents:

  • View list of documents requested by your Banker

  • Upload files (up to 150 MB each)

  • As you upload files, their status will change from 'pending' to 'uploaded'

  • Your Banker may reject a document - for example if it's illegible. You'll be notified so you can upload a replacement

3. Receive confirmation:

  • After you provide all the documents, you'll receive an email confirmation

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