Lodge With Us and Save a Tree

As you would have seen and heard over the past couple of weeks, BOQ is constantly changing. So, this week we would like to share with you 3 quick wins (so let's save a tree):-

  • All deals must be lodged through AOL - Manual Applications no longer accepted
  • Only one month's bank statements required for deals under 80% (on salary/pay credited to and regular living expense account if different)
  • Loan Documents can be sent out via e-doc to your customer on most deals

Here's what your peers are saying: -

  • "I've been pleasantly surprised with the manner this application has been handled, particularly with being kept in the loop & the support provided. The new BOQ customers will be very pleased with the news." - WA Broker
  • "Assessor called me and actually workshopped the deal with me, they are definitely trying to approve deals and make them work rather than find a reason to decline them" - QLD Broker
  • "I followed the checklist like you said and I had a Pre-approval within 48 hours. I rang to check if it was fully assessed and they confirmed all was good, still in shock but pleasantly surprised" - VIC Broker
  • "It's like a total different bank now. It's great that you have a common-sense approach to living expenses now and you everything is much more transparent, still not perfect but which bank is, definitely looking forward to working with you guys more" - NSW Broker

Please feel free to reach out to us for scenarios or additional information


Alex Cornish
Business Development Manager
BOQ Broker Third Party Distribution
BOQ | Level 49, 120 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
m: 0428 224 463 | e: alex.cornish@boq.com.au

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