Resi bringing more solutions in a tougher credit environment

With lender credit policies continuing to tighten, the most common feedback we are getting from the network is how difficult it is to get a deal set these days. Yet, when we examine our lending flows, less than 10% of our network have submitted a loan to a specialist lender over the last 2 months.

With credit tightening only threatening to continue, we want to make sure every Vow broker has every opportunity to provide a solution for your customers when the mainstream lenders say no. This is why the Resi business not only offers some excellent loans for your blue-chip clients, but also extremely competitive solutions for those that are a bit more "outside the square".

Via their specialist funders, Resi can offer solutions for customers where they may only just miss out on a traditional funding right through to solutions for clients that have had previous credit problems.

With our special pricing on the Renew - restart range, there has never been a better time to start exploring the possibilities of this side of the market place. Some of the features of the Renew - Near Prime range are listed below:

  • Caters for many clients that fall through the cracks of traditional lenders.
  • Flexible approach to loan purposes (examples being tax debts, business purpose and unlimited personal loan consolidation).
  • Commercial treatment of previous (historic) credit issues.
  • Full Doc, Alt doc and construction solutions also available.
  • Exclusive to the Vow group, we have access to pricing where Loan Risk fees are only payable under certain circumstances (higher LVR's and construction loans).
  • We are also waving the establishment and legal fees on all new near prime loans lodged up to the end of October. So, in many circumstances entry costs to the loan will be zero!

Finally, Resi has a very special offer currently available. Submit any application to Resi for our Renew / restart product range (funded by Pepper white label) during the months of September / October 2018 and go into the draw to win an Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi (Space Grey) (6th Gen)

  • One entry into the draw per loan application, the more applications, the more entries into the draw.

Winners will be notified via e-mail and in Vow Voice

Haven't done one of these types of loans before and not quite sure where to start? That's not a problem, get in touch with the team below to discuss your scenario and we can work out the best solution for your client's individual circumstances and even step you through what's needed for the application process.




Jason Hulbert

0468 755 419

Craig Herden

0478 537 841

Tony Wakim

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Rimi Begum

1800 737 448

A copy of our latest rate card highlighting our special offers and detailed rates is attached for your reference.