Brokers Benefit From E-Conveyancing

Digital Property Settlements are in full swing and are becoming more popular and apparent.

The Chief Executive of Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), Marcus Price, has said "People buying and selling homes will increasingly become aware that there's a better way to exchange property that diminishes delays and other pain points associated with manual settlements,".

Benefits of PEXA may not be direct to Mortgage Brokers but they certainly extend to Brokers via Client experience and Lender processing. Such benefits include:

  • Higher Settlement Success Rate;
  • Earlier settlement times (Starting from 11am);
  • The end of bank cheques and the costs associated;
  • Instantaneous transfer of title and clear funds;
  • Less chance of human error with document validation prior to settlement.

As a Broker looking to achieve the best customer experience please consider the following when assisting Clients:

  • How much experience does the chosen Lender have with Digital Settlements?
  • Is your Clients Conveyancer PEXA certified?
  • Does the Conveyancer have processes in place should a Digital Settlement no longer be an option? E.g. Multi-Jurisdictional Admission.

Luckily for Vow Advisors, Vow Conveyancing has had all team members certified through PEXA for Digital Settlements ensuring that the Conveyancing transactions processed by us are seamless and without issue.

Vow Conveyancing was an early adopter of the technology being one of the first Law Practices in Australia to complete an electronic conveyance and has already processed over 200 PEXA transactions across five (5) States and Territories of Australia.

Remember it's not just great service to your clients, it is also commission that will continue to bolster your diversified income streams.

Want to know more?

Rosemarie Hunt
Relationship Manager
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