New Vownet Features Available to You!

Best use spotlight: Finance profile

Last week we made some important changes to the Finance profile, which sits under contact (and not Deal).

Finance profile is what can be called a 'master' information, that gets updated as new deal is marked as settled.

We created a best use knowledge article for this feature, which you can read here and watch a short video here.

Important points form the article:

  • Deal Client profile (or Fact Find) is used for a specific deal only and should not be changes once deal settles.
  • Contact Finance profile is used to keep most up to date information and can be used for marketing purposes, client reviews and to import data into a new deal.
  • Recommended process to create a new deal from existing data:
    1. Copy existing deal;
    2. Import additional items form Finance profile.

Additional two new features this week:

  • ID document OCR. Use Optical Character Recognition technology to extract data from the passport (all passports), driver licence (all states and NZ and Medicare card (AU only). This feature is used to reduce data entry time, check information contained on ID docs and to set up client avatar (image) using their passport photo. In the future we will also add ID verification to this feature. Read more here.
  • Automatic transfer of Assets, Liabilities and Insurance to the Contact Finance Profile. Under contact view, master finance profile is now automatically kept up to date to ensure correct marketing and client review information. When deal status is marked as 'Settled' (eg when posting deal to commissions), Contact Finance Profile is updated with relevant information. Read more here.

Next week we are planning to release Outlook mail, Outlook Tasks and Outlook Contacts integrations, alongside Google Drive, Google Contacts and Google Task integrations.

Note that Gmail integration is likely to be delayed indefinitely due to new Google audit regime. Also, Outlook integration refers to Outlook 365 and not to Microsoft Exchange.

Note: These updates is for a limited group of stakeholders/users only.