New year, new revenue

In the past month, I've had the pleasure of talking to more than 500 Vow Broker Partners at our PD days around the country.

I love seeing tour passion for this industry and your commitment to your businesses. But nobody would say you have an easy job, and the current environment is making it even more challenging.

That's why I keep talking about diversifying your business and revenue streams. In fact, I'd forgive you for saying I never shut up about it!

But that's because it's the key to not just surviving, but thriving, in today's industry.

At the heart of this idea is the belief that once you've written a home loan, you have earned the right to become that client's personal banker. You can satisfy all of their lending and insurance needs.

For example, every home has a couple of cars in the driveway. Have you asked whether they could refinance to a better deal? And with around 2 million small business owners in Australia, there's a good chance some of your clients would benefit from business lending or asset finance.

Then there are opportunities to provide insurance, wealth, Smarter Money and legal services through Vow. The key is that you don't need to end your relationship once a home loan settles.

Time for Business Planning

Well done on closing out another successful financial year. If you haven't yet put your business plan together for the next year, now's the time.

If you would like any support or input, your State Manager is ready and willing to help you identify opportunities and develop tactics to achieve them.

As you get ready to succeed in FY17-18, the Vow team is here to support you every step of the way.

Clive Kirkpatrick, General Manager

3 reasons to attend Symmetry training

Our Symmetry guru Adam Flint is training Vow brokers around the country and the response has been positive.

Feedback from Victoria's attendees about what they plan to implement revealed:

  1. You don't know what you don't know - "Lots of little things eg. settlement dates, report generation, saving docs to symmetry".
  2. Boosts efficiency - "Relying on Symmetry guide to enable smooth process flow" and "Zip ID, The ability to auto complete Product Comparisons, Funds Positions etc, rather than complete manually like we have been doing."
  3. Increases knowledge - "A lot more familiar with the symmetry software now and will apply as many aspects of training as possible".

The next training is coming up in Brisbane on 4 July and NSW on 12 July. Look out for your invitation. And for regional brokers who can't attend, stayed tuned for upcoming webinars.

In terms of other training, in case you missed it, here's the link to the Getting Audit Ready webinar held last week

New Flexi Options

We are pleased to be able to announce a totally revamped special offer for new applications received from Monday 26th June! Here are the key highlights:

  • Unparalleled service: 1 day turn-around for Flexi Options applications.*
  • Fully branded as a Vow Flexi Options loan. You know that if the customer is looking for further support they will be referred back to the originating branch!
  • One of the most flexible products in the market place, only on-going fees are $10pm if you select the offset option.
  • Low fees: now, for loans over $400,000, we will pick up the valuation and lender legal fees, making this a very low cost-of-entry product!
  • Improved commission for our special offers, still with our short 1 year clawback period.
  • Plus some highly competitive pricing as detailed below:

Loan Purpose



Interest Rate

Upfront Commission

Trail Commission



Up to 80%






Up to 70%





P&I or IO

Up to 80% (70% for IO)




* Applications that fall within our delegated underwriting authority, up to $2m. For full details on the special offer, please refer to the attached rate sheet.

Got a deal you want to provide a Vow branded solution for in a short space of time? Contact the team below to discuss.

Craig Herden (Relationship Manager)

0478 537 841

Max McInerney (Relationship Manager)

0412 000 029

SMI delivers higher returns

Australians are an interesting bunch when it comes to money. On one hand, we love security and stability. In fact, the ASX Investor Study 2017 found that nearly 70% of all Australian investors are seeking stable, reliable or guaranteed returns from their investments*.

But we also want high returns - the same study found that investors expect on average 8.5% per annum returns from their portfolio.

With many of the traditional 'stable' or 'guaranteed return' products such as term deposits earning returns of 2-3% (source:, there is a bit of a disconnect.

One option that's popular among Vow clients is Smarter Money Investments. Suitable for both retail and SMSF investors, this managed fund invests in deposits, and bonds issued by, Australian banks, to provide returns significantly above the RBA cash rate.

There are two products, each with different risk and return profiles - the Smarter Money Active Cash strategy has returned 3.59% over the 12 months to 31/5/17, and Smarter Money Higher Income delivered 4.43% during that time.

If you have investors who are keen to find a stable investment with a lower risk profile than buying shares in a bank, but higher returns than making a deposit in a bank, Smarter Money could be a good option.

To find out more about how SMI can boost your revenue and help your clients, contact the team:

Luke Bouris

Ph 0414 549 400

Cosimo Vallelonga

Ph 0402 895 072

Asking for Google Reviews: Tips to get 5 Star ratings and boost your visibility

One of the themes covered in the recent round of PD Days is the importance of being seen by Google - your 'digital shopfront', so to speak.

Being found is one thing - another is looking good once you are! To help drive enquiries, having positive reviews is a powerful tool. But you know Aussies - we are hard markers. Sometimes we don't even want to rate ourselves highly - 'not bad' is as much as we will admit to when asked how we're going.

One solution to this is to send clients a request for a review, with five stars in as a suggestion. How do you achieve this?

Check out the step-by-step instructions.


One of the key things to remember is that the best way to get a positive review is to ask!

Deposit Power Accreditation & Webinars

Our new online platform is now live, making it much quicker and easier to obtain a quote and to get a Deposit Guarantee for your customers.

Join our webinar to find out how easy the application process is, how to position Deposit Guarantees with your customers and how you can use Deposit Guarantees to convert more enquiries into loans.

You will also get 1 MFAA CPD point for attending our webinar.

Register today!

Diversification of your knowledge is key to supporting your customers in securing their next property.

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