Improved Offering and Service from Resi

Resi has launched the new look Flexi Options product. The Flexi Options product provides you with the sharpest rates and fantastic product features which include 100% offset on the full fixed rate.

This product is suited to First home buyers and investors alike with 3 year fixed rate of 3.84% up to 95% LVR for Owner Occupier properties.

Resi Rate Sheet

Let's not forget, that sitting behind this great product, is a powerful in-house processing team who have one goal: to get you to settlement, as quickly as possible. Our aim is to make life easier for you which is why we have invested significantly to simplify the process and provide you with an outstanding service.

Resi Flexi Options Checklist Resi Application Process

We have a full range of supporting documents available here. These include process maps, fact sheets for all our products and post settlement guides to what the clients after settlement experience is like through to document check lists.

Sales Team 1800 737 448 option 1 or

Craig Herden National Sales Manager 0478 537 841
Tony Wakim BDM NSW 0416 409 100
Jason Hulbert BDM VIC 0468 755 419
Rimi Begum Office BDM 1800 737 448

Two New Thinktank Loan Products

Following on from our webinar the other week I am pleased to announce the release of 2 new Thinktank loan products.

  • Residential SMSF - up to 80% LVR, no liquidity requirement post settlement, low entry cost market leading rates, terms and conditions
  • Residential loans for SMEs - Self Certification Home and Investment loans for self-employed, Full Doc home loans

New Residential SMSF Loan from Thinktank New Residential Loans from Thinktank

Various accreditation sessions are being held around the country during the next 3 months for Resi and Commercial SMSFs and will be arranged on response of demand.

We invite you to express your interest to attend one of these events by registering via Residential SMSF Accreditation.

In the interim, if you have an immediate need or transactions you wish to facilitate, please do not hesitate to contact me or your local Thinktank Manager (details below):

Name Title Mobile Email
Joel Harrison Relationship Manager VIC / TAS 0410 861 540
Paul Burns Senior Relationship Manager NSW / ACT 0434 609 241
Adam Hutcheson Senior Relationship Manager QLD 0434 609 239
Tony Zaccari Senior Relationship Manager SA 0403 758 514
Claire Byrne Relationship Manager WA 0414 235 478

Common Mistakes Made by First Time Property Investors

By Paul Bennion, Managing Director, DEPPRO

Property investor activity is set to increase in Australia during 2019 following the decision by APRA to remove restrictions on interest only loans that have been traditionally favoured by investors.

At the same time, there is a growing expectation that the RBA will be forced to cut interest rates soon because of a slowing economy and it is expected that these lower interest rates will be a major incentive for more investors to enter the property market especially are rental returns are rising.

However, many first time investors never buy more than one investment property because they make simple mistakes from the very start.

These simple mistakes such as selecting the wrong home loan or not obtaining a tax depreciation schedule can make the difference between success and failure for first time property investors.

Avoiding these simple mistakes means that first time investors can built a successfully property portfolio and thereby create long term personal wealth.

Below are 10 of the most common mistakes made by first time investors:

1. Buying an investment property they would like to live in without thoroughly looking at capital growth and rental return potential. Most real estate institutes throughout Australia (i.e. REIWA in Western Australia) provide free online information on their websites about the long term performance of individual suburbs in terms of capital growth which is a good resource for first time investors.

2. Deciding to buy an investment property close to their owner occupier home rather than looking at investment opportunities throughout Australia.

3. Selecting a property based upon advice of friends or family rather than seeking independent information.

4. Failing to obtain a tax depreciation schedule for the property. The tax benefits derived by a depreciation schedule can be as high as 60% of the rental income and this additional cash flow can assist the investor to purchase additional properties.

5. Not undertaking a full assessment of the true cost of buying and holding the property. For example, if the property an apartment, there are additional cost issues compared to buying a stand-alone house such as strata fees.

6. Selecting the wrong home loan i.e. principal and interest which is typical for an owner occupier home. Instead first time investors should focus on interest only loans which will help increase cash flow.

7. Buying a property in a location which is not attractive to tenants i.e. not close to amenities such as shops or transport.

8. Purchasing a property in an area where there is an oversupply of properties meaning rents will be low and capital growth rates limited.

9. Trying to select the tenant themselves rather than using the services of a number of reliable property management companies.

10. Buying an investment property with the view to a quick return rather than viewing it as a long term investment and stepping ladder to purchasing a portfolio of properties that will create long term wealth.

Vow Financial National Roadshows

This week Vow Financial held Roadshows in three capital cities; Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Over 400 delegates attended where they spent time learning from and networking with their colleagues and our preferred partners.

The Brisbane and Perth Roadshows are taking place next week. We recommend you leverage the networking and learning opportunities that these Roadshows provide. The event days are structured so that they consist of three parts; the morning focused on Wealth, the middle of the day on Marketing and Compliance, and the afternoon tailored towards Lending.

While you are invited to attend the entire day, you can make the most of your time and attend the sessions that are relevant and of interest to you.

It's not too late to register for the Brisbane and Perth events. Visit the below links to see more details about dates, location and agenda.

Brisbane - Tuesday 2nd April 2019 Perth - Wednesday 3rd April 2019