Your Broker Behind You

MFAA has launched a new major national advertising campaign that promotes the mortgage broking industry and highlights the value that mortgage brokers deliver to their customers.

The campaign, launched on the 7th July 2018, will run until the end of October and will use all major media outlets to tell the stories of real people and real brokers.

We strongly encourage you to get behind this campaign.

For more information visit or download exclusive campaign marketing resources for brokers

BOQ Term Loan : NIL App Fee

Please keep our NIL app fee offer front of mind for your customers seeking lengthy loan terms. This product is available to your SMSF clients.

More details about the BOQ Business Term Loans are available on the flyer. Download flyer here.

The Average Home Loan in Australia Hits $400,000 for the Very First Time

By Paul Bennion, Managing Director of DEPPRO

May 2018 was a historic month for the property market in Australia with the average size of a home loan nationally hitting the $400,000 mark for the very first time. ABS housing finance figures for May 2018 show that the average home loan in Australia stood at $400,100.

This compared to $398,100 for April 2018 and represented an increase of over $20,000 in the size of the average home loan in Australia during the past year. During May 2017, the average home loan in Australia stood at $380,000.

However, since May 2012, the average home loan in Australia has jumped by over $100,000 when it stood at $299,400 six years ago.

The ABS figures show that New South Wales currently has the largest average home loan in Australia at $467,300 while South Australia has the lowest average home loan at $309,700.

Surging property prices in Melbourne meant that Victoria recorded one of the biggest increase in the size of an average home loan which increased by over $22,000 during the past year.

Rising property prices in most capital cities in Australia has resulted in the average home loan steadily rising over the past six years. These rising property values have meant the borrowers have had to increase their level of borrowing to purchase a home.

The overall rise in average home loans comes at a time when property investors are now having to deal with the financial challenge resulting from the decision of many financial institutions to raise interest rates for investment style home loans.

Property investors throughout Australia are now under pressure to find funds to finance their larger home loans at a time of higher interest rates for investment loans. That is why is it critical property investors claim their full tax depreciation benefits associated with property investment. These tax depreciation benefits can amount to thousands each year that can allow property investors to help pay their home loan mortgage.

An investor can claim these tax benefits by using the services of the tax depreciation specialist called who prepares a tax depreciation schedule. A depreciation schedule is a report undertaken by a quantity surveyor company (such as DEPPRO).

It generally should be undertaken when the investor buys the property. You only need to do one depreciation report for a property and it can be updated each year by the accountant if the investor for example, installs a new kitchen.

If a property investor has not claimed tax depreciation benefits in the past, they can do retrospectively which can give a massive boost to their cash flow. The cost of a depreciation report as prepared by DEPPRO is around $600 and this is tax deductible and covers the lifetime ownership of the investment property.

Visit and complete the details to ensure your client receives a higher return on their cashflow.

Valiant Finance

"SME lending opportunities - Diversify your Business"

  • Have you ever turned away an SME lending request for lack of options?
  • Are you finding the business bankers you normally refer to are saying 'no' more than usual?
  • Are less residential lending opportunities coming across your desk?

On average, 30% of a broker's clients are SMEs, and the question must be asked, if you are not looking after their business lending needs... Who is?? And more importantly, how can you ensure your client sticks with you long term if you are not servicing one of their most fundamental needs?

Valiant is your partner in SME Lending, specifically here to help you tap into your existing SME client base, providing you with what you need to FIND, QUALIFY & PLACE SME lending opportunities.

There are a lot of options available in what has become an overcrowded, highly competitive market, and matching SMEs with the best provider, the FIRST time, is critical.

Have a look at our new Vow branded referrer dashboard, which you can access through our Partner Page.

Reach out on the number/email below if you would like to schedule a call or appointment to learn more.

Declan Burton-Clark
NSW Business Connect Finance Specialist | Valiant

P +61 410 659 938 E W

Treasury Releases its Thoughts on Broker Remuneration

Treasury - in its most comprehensive outline of its thoughts on broker remuneration since ASIC's remuneration review - has told the royal commission that industry reforms on broker remuneration "could address the most significant misconduct with the current remuneration model".

Read more here

2018 Commercial Industry Masterclass Success

Glenn Mitchell Head Of Commercial & Equipment Finance for YBR Group, was proud to facilitate and support FBAA in delivering half day training sessions over the past two weeks in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney.

All up over 500 brokers attended these events, with sessions broken into 6 parts and delivered by Senior Lender Heads from St George, Think Tank, Suncorp, Macquarie Leasing, ING & Core Logic.

Based on the demand for this type of training and education it will be released into the SA & WA markets early in 2019, for those brokers that attended from either YBR or Vow Financial we look forward to your survey feedback from these days.

You will find the Masterclass booklet and images of the day below.