Vownet Release: Diversification Opportunities Feature

We are preparing to release a revamped Diversification Opportunities feature (previously known as the Cross-Sell feature) with significant changes that will be immediately noticed by all users.

Diversification Opportunity feature has the objective to make it easy to discuss other services with clients during and after the loan application. We believe that this feature will present a clear competitive advantage for you and your members and it deserves some over and above promotion by you.

Key changes

  • Brokers will be able to discuss other services with their clients during an interview, with diversification questions/referrals appearing contextually through the Client Profile and Broker Tools.
  • Summary of all relevant opportunities is now presented in a separate tab (Diversification opportunities).
  • Contact view will contain a list of all diversified offerings with the key incentive for brokers to keep regular review meetings. Regular meetings will assist brokers in defending current position on the trail commission.

Key benefits

  • Improved customer service with relevant services referred to the loan applicants/clients;
  • Improved compliance and readiness for 'best interest duty' laws (if ever enacted);
  • Super easy management of referrals via email templates (and API integrations);
  • Increased revenue from these additional services and;
  • More sustainable broker businesses.

We will be now heavily focused to the addition of relevant referral partners via APIs, to further streamline the referral process. Please feel free to shoot me who you want linked, we will schedule their implementation this year.

Enterprise users: we are also looking at the possibility to push templates and referral integrations from enterprise settings, thus removing the need to individually set up each email template and referral email address.


Please read this step-by-step article and notify your members of the imminent changes. I did not include any screenshots here as you need to read this article. I will add a video demo to this article later tomorrow.

We expect this and other recent feature updates (communicated last week) to go live on Monday, 5th August. We will notify users with an in-app message when live.