Brokers embrace Vownet

By David Stewart, QLD State Manager

Since we launched Vownet in February, I've been on the road visiting our broker partners and taking them through the system. It's great to see, firsthand, how people are responding.

Going through the new CRM and lending platform, I've noticed that, along with the simple navigation, there are three elements that are the most popular:

  • Automation of compliance documents: not only does this provide peace of mind around compliance, it saves time and stress on both the broker and client sides
  • Electronic fact-find: if they want to, the client can log into a portal and fill in a comprehensive fact find before attending a meeting. This boosts efficiency significantly.
  • Automated workflow: Vownet sends an email or SMS to clients at key points of the workflow, keeping them updated and engaged. These can be tailored to your own processes and preferences.

We're really excited to see this out in the market, and look forward to rolling it out to other states soon.

We'll be holding introductory webinars in coming weeks as well - your state manager will be in touch with details.