Business ResiSec Loan 3.99%

I hope you're well and bursting into 2020.

Part of the Banks strategy for 2020 is to provide support for the much-neglected SME sector, and in line with this objective, we are delighted to launch a campaign for our ResiSec product.

As the name suggests this facility is provided for businesses who utilise their residential property as security be it owner-occupied or investment property.

The details of the product are contained on the attached flyer and we've just sent a Bulletin to all of our accredited Brokers to alert them.

Can I request that the attached flyer be placed on your website, platform, library or wherever it can be accessed for your brokers to view.

If you need any further assistance, please get in touch.

I'll be back with more exciting offers as the year progresses.

Best wishes

Steve S