RESI Lender Update


We have gradually begun to roll out the pilot phase for securitisation products on account of which you shall notice certain changes in application processes as well as tools and product names. Here's a quick peek into what you can expect.

  • Within Vow Net, the securitisation product range may appear as an available funder in the accreditations section. These products, however, are not yet available for general use.
  • We continue to work closely with a small and select number of branches and brokers to test the product so that is it is robust enough and ready for the general public, branch and broker use.
  • As such, should you see this product, we would request you to not access it unless you have had discussions with Mick Abboud and his team.
  • Rest assured once we have completed the testing phase, comprehensive communications, and a roll-out program will provide you with all necessary information.

Discontinuation of Resi Smart Pro

Following an announcement late last year by Advantedge Financial Services, the Resi Smart Pro will not be available for sale from Monday 16th March 2020. From this date, no new applications will be accepted.

Changes on Vow Net

We will maintain a generic product on Vow Net for the purposes of any post-settlement variations that may be required. Permitted variations include but are not limited to:

  • Increases
  • Consents
  • Product changes - including fixed-rate requests
  • Partial discharges
  • Loan structure and applicant changes
  • Discharges

Customer Service

For existing customers, nothing changes. We will continue to extend our top-class post-settlement services to your clients.

For rate inquiries for existing customers and new accounts created by a further advance, please get in touch with the Resi Service team.

Renew Start - Our Pepper Funded Range

The access to the Renew Restart range will change as deals will directly flow to Pepper. Given are changes you could expect

From 24th February you will access Apply-on-Line via Salestrekker with the Resi Renew/Restart product suite.

New Forms
'Resi Fact Find' will be replaced by 'Customer Requirements & Objectives' form for all applications. The document is included in both Standard and Short Form Applications and is also available as a separate (stand-alone) form.

Resi Product Selector Tool

  • The current Pepper Product Selector (PPS) will be rebranded as Resi Product Selector
  • The Product Selector tool will return a Resi branded Indicative Offer and feature the appropriate Resi home loan solution (including product, rate and fees)
  • A revamped version of the Product Selector will be available to you
  • For now, Product Selector will continue to be available via the Resi Broker Portal and can be accessed through

Resi Resolve Tool

  • We are very excited to confirm that Vow brokers will be provided with access to Resi Resolve (previously Pepper Resolve tool). This access is automatic and will happen with no intervention from your end
  • What is Resi Resolve?
    • Resolve is an industry-leading broker conversion tool designed to provide you with an alternative loan solution for your customers when their needs cannot be met (or easily met) by their first-choice lender.
  • How does Resolve work?
    • When a Resi loan application gets declined, it is automatically processed through Resolve, which will immediately determine eligibility for a Resi loan product. In case a Resi solution is available, a customised indicative offer is shared with you detailing out the potential alternative Resi product, interest rate, fees, and conditions (if any).

New Broker ID
As part of the launch, you will receive NEW logins - a login for Pepper products and a login for RESI products. Click HERE for an example of the RESI dual accreditation message that will be issued.

Contact Details in case of clarifications
For Loan Queries (Loan Structure, Escalations, etc) refer to
For Loan Scenarios refer to
Phone 1800 737 737

Pipeline Management (New Deals) for Brokers
New applications will continue to be processed - no change.
All applications will be viewed by the submitting broker.

Existing Pipeline Applications
Existing applications (including pricing) will continue to be processed - no change.
The applications will be viewed via RESI Mortgage Management.