Give your clients a say and help your industry!

Momentum Media, publishers of The Adviser, has launched a survey to learn more about the experience of customers who have used a mortgage broker to secure a loan.

The Borrower Experience Survey's findings will be made available to policymakers to ensure that they understand what Australians think about brokers.

The survey is designed to take 2 minutes of your client's time and will serve to assist in building the case against any legislative change that could potentially threaten the health of our industry.

We encourage you to follow the easy steps in the link below and share this survey with as many of your customers as possible. This will ensure that their sentiments and experiences are heard by key policy and decision makers in the crucial months ahead.

The survey is anonymous - none of your clients' personal details will be gathered or retained.

To make it easy for you to distribute, Momentum Media have put together a quick email that you can copy and paste, along with the link.

All you need to do is to press send.

Click here to access the distribution material.