Resi - More lower cost options for your clients

At Resi, your in-house Mortgage Manager, we are focused on delivery of product solutions and service that will help you win clients for the long term.

For some time now, via the Renew Restart range, we have delivered Specialist lending solutions with low entry costs, allowing you to map out and deliver the best value short and long-term financing solutions for your customers.

We are extremely pleased to be able to inform you that for new Agility applications lodged between now and the end of Feb 2019, there will be no risk fees charged on both Full Doc and Alt Doc Specialist loans up to an LVR of 70%.

By removing Risk fees, Resi helps you to map out a long-term cost-efficient plan to cater for your client's needs now (requiring a specialist lending solution to get set) and also allows you to talk about a longer-term solution to refinance into a prime loan once the issues requiring a specialist solution have been corrected. Removing the risk fees at the start of the process provides savings for your customers at the most important stage of the borrowings ... now.

To determine the best product range to cater for your next specialist lending scenario, please feel free to touch base with the team below to discuss.

Craig Herden - Relationship Manager
E: P: 0478 537 841

Jason Hulbert - Relationship Manager
E: P: 0468 755 419

Tony Wakim - Relationship Manager
E: P: 0416 409 100

Or e-mail our scenarios team on

Changes to commissions

With upfront commission changes filtering through the industry off the back of the Combined Industry Forum (CIF) there are some changes filtering through to our product ranges. Given this impact on different lenders at different times, we have been illustrating the basis upon which upfront commissions are paid for each product range, you can also refer to our internal interest rate document for upfront commission rates as well as clawback rules that also vary between product ranges. This information is contained at the base of each of the pages 2 - 5 of our rate sheet.