Scale borrowing capacity $2mil to $20mil+ purchase or equity release

Whether it's a $20 million+ single-property purchase or tapping into the equity of a combined $20 million+ property portfolio, we can help your clients fund their dreams and expand their borrowing capacity.

Subject to the turnaround time in valuation and legal due diligence, this can usually happen fairly quickly. We have funds ready in the account for immediate deployment.

There are a few factors to explore to expedite the process. While the fastest possible time for a deal to be funded can be within days, consider the following:

  • Borrower and guarantor background.
  • Asset and liability position.
  • Security valuation (note that commercial valuation takes longer).
  • Purpose of the fund and a clear exit strategy.

Returning to our private lending basics, the "4L SUV," consider these seven factors in a deal:

  • Location - Is the location of the security desirable?
  • Loan term - Short term (3 months) or longer term (36 months)?
  • Loan amount - As low as $100,000 or a maximum of $20 million?
  • LVR - Usually up to 75% for residential and 65/70% for commercial properties.
  • Security - Are there multiple properties involved or a single property?
  • Unlimited cash-out - Is a cash-out required? If yes, what's the purpose?
  • Valuation - Do you already have a reliable valuation report, or is a new report needed?

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Loan amount


Loan Term

1st/2nd mortgage

Proposed rate & fees

Estimated Settlement

Loan purpose

Ownership & Business structure

Business Nature & Background

Detailed Exit Strategy

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We find Lending Solutions For All Types of Client Scenarios

Below is a real-life scenario showing how we were able to help these borrowers purchase their new home. Could this be a similar situation your clients find themselves in?

Client Scenario
These clients required an equity release from their primary residence to cover the shortfall of funds to settle on their new home. They were waiting on the impending sale of their current property, which was already under contract.

Client Solution
Funding was able to provide the funds quickly for the clients to purchase their new property. This solution provided them with the financial bridge they needed to move seamlessly from one residence to the other, meeting their immediate needs and also offering peace of mind during the transition.

Borrowing Amount - $179k
Borrowing Entity - Joint Owners
Location - Reservoir VIC 3073
Security - First Mortgage
Loan Term - 2 Months
Exit Strategy - Sale of property
Approval Time - 2 Hours

Have a similar client situation, where fast finance is needed? Speak to our team about a bridging, business or building loan.

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Discounted establishment fees on Short-Term Capital Lending

To celebrate the expansion of our Short-Term Capital Lending solutions, Assetline Capital is pleased to offer a discount on establishment fees*.

From October 1st to December 31st 2023, Short-Term Capital Lending solutions up to $5m will now have discounted establishment rates including:

1.25% Establishment Fee (term up to 6 months)
1.50% Establishment Fee (term from 6 months to 12 months)

Our Short-Term Capital Lending solutions bring a new level of flexibility and cater to borrowers for:

  • Capital
  • SMSF
  • Refurbishment
  • Non-Resident
  • Residual Stock

*Terms & Conditions Apply

To learn more about our short-term capital lending options, please reach out directly to the team on 1300 370 821